We recognize those making a difference in the fight against impaired driving.

The GCID Saving Lives Awards highlight people, businesses and organizations that support programs that help prevent impaired driving. Recipients are invited to a ceremony where they’re presented with the award.

Know a person, business or organization that you think deserves a Saving Lives Award? Download the nomination form, fill it out and send it to Rich Adriaens at rich.adriaens@gmail.com.

2019 Saving Lives Award Winners

Leadership Award: Peter Michael, Former Wyoming Attorney General

  • An active participant in many council initiatives during his time in office, Peter Michael helped administer Wyoming’s 24/7 Sobriety Program—among many other initiatives—to reduce impaired driving.

Leadership Award: Michael Blonigen, Former Natrona County District Attorney

  • Michael Blonigen served seven years as the council’s co-chair. During his time as District Attorney for Natrona County, he helped change Wyoming’s DUI laws to improve the enforcement and prosecution of DUI cases.

Saving Lives Award: Sundance Port of Entry

  • The staff of Sundance Port of Entry caught 33 impaired commercial motor vehicle drivers in 2018 and have helped Wyoming prioritize the identification of impaired drivers.

Saving Lives Award: Injury Prevention Resources

  • Helping save lives for over 20 years, the staff of Injury Prevention Resources has helped educate Wyoming citizens on DUI prevention in an approachable way.

The Nomination Process

Each nomination needs to have a signed and completed form along with documentation and references supporting their efforts.

An awards nomination committee made up of members of the council review each nomination, narrowing down to those who meet the criteria for an award. They’ll then present those nominees to the full council to make a final decision.


When the committee looks at nominees, they look for efforts that are innovative, create safer communities, save lives, develop partnerships or take leadership. Some examples include an initiative that lowers the number of alcohol crashes, a partnership between law enforcement agencies and media efforts that spread the word about the dangers of impaired driving.

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