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Wyoming’s roads belong to everyone, so everyone should feel safe on them.

Driving while impaired by any substance — legal or illegal — puts you and others in harm’s way. And it’s just not acceptable.

The Governor’s Council on Impaired Driving is dedicated to ending incidences of impaired driving in Wyoming by educating the public about the issues associated with both alcohol and drug impairment, while supporting strategies and programs designed to save lives.

We’re not telling you not to drink… we’re just asking you not to drive.

Don’t Make Me Your Designated Driver

Don’t risk it. Drive sober


Message from Governor Mark Gordon

Too many lives continue to be lost in this country, and in our state, as a result of individuals who choose to get behind the wheel of their vehicles while impaired by alcohol or drugs. The risk to the safety of every citizen and visitor to Wyoming is real. Identifying and implementing strategies that will effectively reduce the number of impaired drivers in our state requires a dedicated and focused effort.

That is why I have decided to have the Governor’s Council on Impaired Driving continue its efforts to reduce impaired driving in Wyoming as a part of my administration. The Council has been effective in identifying issues  and implementing strategies to address those concerns since its creation. Although much has been done, there is much more to do. The Council provides a forum for discussion, facilitates research and implements strategies to reduce impaired driving in Wyoming. The work performed by the Council is a critical part of our efforts to enhance public safety.

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Driving High is as Dangerous as Driving Drunk.

Do your part to keep our roads safe by driving sober.