Comments from former Governor Matt Mead

On September 16, 2011, I signed an Executive Order establishing the Council ​on Impaired Driving. This is an issue that’s touched thousands of lives in every corner of our state, mine included. I created the council to continue the fight against impaired driving and to prevent impaired-driving-related deaths.

We’ve taken important steps to reduce impaired driving over the past ten years, but there’s still more to do. This year, I signed a new law that makes it more difficult for repeat offenders to avoid prosecution. Other efforts to stop impaired driving are showing promise, such as ignition interlock devices, which prevent impaired drivers from starting their vehicles.

The council facilitates research, discussion and planning to reduce impaired driving in Wyoming. They’re tasked with identifying priority issues, developing prevention strategies and tackling other initiatives to address the problem.

I believe this council is necessary to keep all of our citizens safe on our roads.

Here’s to a future free of impaired driving.

Mathew H. Mead

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